Gyre ("jire"): a ring or circle, a circular course or motion. A focused visual hit that reveals suggestive details upon closer inspection and longer contemplation. I'm taking the mind for a spin, so to speak.

I build multiple connotations into these paintings with layers of engraved lines, arcs, circles and patterns that invoke time, tools of measurement, constellations, maps, star charts, pathfinding and sacred geometry. Successive layers of thinned enamel, subsequently distressed, add shifting metallic tones and foggy light and dark atmospheres. Finally the central white enamel "gyre" takes shape as a circle that is irregular, torn, fluid and stuttering, gathering momentum like a dervish. These elements combine to create an artifact that feels at once industrial and ancient, suggestive of ideas micro and galactic, natural and man-made, primitive, technological, spiritual, human.