I began this project as "Social Isolation" aka Quarantine began in mid-March 2020, drawing abstracted heads in charcoal on acid-free bond paper, embellished with acrylic paint, dry media and fine art spray paint. As quarantine continued, the heads became more expressive of alarm, confusion, anxiety, fear, and fatigue. This kept me busy well into April, until I had 100 of them, which seemed like a good point to stop. But the virus didn't stop, the pandemic didn't stop, quarantine continued. So I just kept going.

My regular studio practice as an abstract painter is usually concerned with elements like mass and momentum, color and gesture. This figurative project has pushed me in a much more personal and emotionally expressive direction as a response to the times.

Read a review of the project by Mat Gleason, L.A. gallerist, curator, critic and publisher.

Featured in the collected works Time in the Time of Isolation curated by Cinthia Penna, and

a piece on artists working in the pandemic by Kristine Schomaker in the journal Art and Cake.

Each: 11” x 8-1/2”

acrylic, charcoal, graphite, acrylic stick, oil stick, China marker and fine art spray paint on acid-free bond paper with archival fixative and varnish, some with collaged newsprint or paper. Signed/numbered on verso. To inquire, please email studio@jeffiorillo.com.